Cleaning your espresso maker on a regular basis is simple, easy, and a way for you to give back to something that truly gives you so much. It is kind of like a spa day for your favorite kitchen appliance. Plus, if you do not clean your espresso maker on a regular basis your espresso will taste yucky.

clean espresso machine

Imagine you spend your hard earned time and money on some high quality fresh whole bean coffee only to run your espresso maker as usual and be rewarded with nothing more than a bitter and flat shot. Your first instinct may be to blame the beans. After all, you have been running shots for months now and got the method down! However, you have bought these beans before and know they are capable of producing truly rich and creamy shots. So what went wrong?

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Most likely, the quality of your beans was tainted by impurities in your espresso maker. Coffee beans are filled with oils that when left to run through a clean espresso maker they add body and flavor to your shot of espresso. Overtime, these oils are bound to stick to the inside of your espresso maker. They emulsify and hold on tight to your water screen, filter basket and portafilter. Before you know it, the oils have multiplied and are plugging the holes in your filter basket and stymieing the flow of your portafilter spout.

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Keeping your espresso maker clean is the key to insuring that the natural flavor and texture of your coffee beans are preserved while also insuring all waterways and filters in your espresso maker are free and clear paving the way for an even and balanced extraction. Furthermore, by maintaining and protecting these waterways and filters from blockage and buildup you extend the life of your espresso maker. Not a bad trade off for just a wee bit of work on your part!